This season, you can make a significant impact in your community for generations to come.
Help Oak Brook Park District Foundation build an all-inclusive, universal playground by drinking a glass of wine - or two!
Oak Brook Park District Foundation wants to hit a home run this year. We teamed together with Oak Brook Park District and Unlimited Play Playgrounds designed a playground that serves all community members, regardless of age or ability. It will be located in Oak Brook’s Central Park and will feature many innovative pieces of equipment including a dual track ride zip line, pour and play baseball diamond and two levels of play fully accessible through ramping. We anticipate breaking ground in the spring of 2018 with the project completed August 2018.

On July 31, 2017, the Oak Brook Kiwanis Club hosted a golf fundraiser in which 80% of the proceeds were designated to benefit the Oak Brook Park District Foundation to contribute to the future Central Park “Oak Brook Sandlot” playground. Their donation totaled $2,500.00. In honor of their generous contribution, the Oak Brook Park District Park Board of Commissioners presented Kiwanis with a Proclamation of Merit to show their pride and gratitude towards the organization and the individuals that support its mission