Dean Nature Sanctuary Bees and OH! Bee Parks Honey

Dean Nature Sanctuary c. 2019

When the hives produce enough honey that it can be harvested without risking the health of the colony, the community will have the opportunity to purchase this hyper-local product through the Oak Brook Park District Foundation. The foundation will utilize the funding from honey sales to help to support the mission of the Oak Brook Park District, enhance the growth and preservation of parks, open lands, and increase recreational programming in Oak Brook. When available, the honey may be purchased at the Family Recreation Center and Tennis Center. The cost for 8 oz of honey is $10.

OH! Bee Parks Honey is 100% raw and all-natural. It is harvested, strained, and bottled by hand at the Oak Brook Park District. Studies have shown that honey is packed with antioxidants, is a natural cough suppressant, has anti-inflammatory properties, may help lower cholesterol and help heart health, and boosts the human immune system. It has also been shown that hyper-local honey may help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. It is important to remember that honey should never be given to children under 1-year.