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Former Oak Brook Park District Employees Charged with Theft and Trespassing

APRIL 19, 2016  OAK BROOK, IL –  Former Oak Brook Park District employee, Mary Tansey, surrendered herself to the Oak Brook Police Department today on misdemeanor charges of theft. Tansey has been charged with stealing nearly $30,000 from the Oak Brook Park District Foundation.

Officials of the Oak Brook Park District Foundation learned of possible embezzlement by the former Oak Brook Park District employee in March when they discovered $29,269.70 missing from the Foundation’s account. Oak Brook police have tracked unauthorized personal purchases and cash withdrawals made by Tansey who was fraudulently using a Foundation debit card.

The Oak Brook Park District Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is not governed by but supports the efforts of the Oak Brook Park District, and Tansey assisted in fundraising services for the Foundation.

Tansey had been in a position of trust for the Oak Brook Park District for more than 22 years, and had strong ties to the community. In February, she resigned from her position with the District in lieu of termination after District officials discovered that her access card was used by another former employee, Clint Lauderdale. Lauderdale utilized her access card to enter District property and remove money from vending machines and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest.   

The funds stolen from the Foundation were insured and immediately restored to the Foundation’s account by Fifth Third Bank.  As a result, there is no financial loss to the Foundation and, in the wake of this incident, Foundation officials have reviewed and modified the Foundation’s accounting and cash handling procedures.

Officials of the Park District and the Foundation are grateful for the restitution provided by the Fifth Third Bank, but are clearly devastated by this shocking breach of trust by a long-time, valued employee.

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